Pious Ali endorsed by city councilors, state representatives

At a City Hall press conference yesterday, Portland school board member Pious Ali’s campaign for an at-large city council seat announced a set of new endorsements, including current and former city council members and state legislative officials and candidates. Ali was previously endorsed by all eight of his fellow school board members in his race against incumbent city councilor Jon Hinck.

“I am supporting Pious as a man who is thoughtful, considers the facts in decision making, and is patient enough to achieve the very best for the City of Portland,” said Representative Dick Farnsworth.

Other endorsers include current city council members Jill Duson and Ed Suslovic, state representatives Mark Dion and Diane Russell, former city councilors Dave Marshall and Dory Ann Waxman and state legislative candidates Rachel Talbot Ross and Mike Sylvester.

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