Mayor Ethan Strimling Endorses Pious Ali for At Large City Council

Today, At Large City Council Candidate Pious Ali announced the endorsement of Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling. Video of the endorsement can be viewed here.

“I’m very pleased to endorse Pious Ali for City Council,” Mayor Strimling said. “Pious will be an invaluable ally on the Council as we deal with the affordable housing crisis, pushing up wages, and rebuilding our schools so our kids have the education they deserve.”

Mayor Strimling joins City Council members Jill Duson and Ed Suslovic, every member of the Portland School Board, the Maine People’s Alliance, and several members of Portland’s state legislative delegation in endorsing Ali’s candidacy. A full list of Ali’s endorsements can be found here.

If elected, Ali pledges to support the Buildings for our Future bond to rebuild Portland’s aging neighborhood schools, which is supported by 68% of Portland voters, according a poll released this week conducted by Public Policy Polling.

Ali will also work to increase community participation in city government, address the shortage of affordable housing, and raise wages for all workers, including tipped workers.

“I am honored to have the mayor’s support, and if elected I look forward to working with him and my fellow council members to bring Portland together and solve the most pressing problems we face,” Ali said.