Letter to the editor: Portland needs a councilor like calm, skillful Pious Ali

I have known Pious Ali for five years, first as my student and, later, as a colleague and friend.

Possessing a calm and reasonable voice, Pious works to listen, bring people together and solve problems. He does not carry a big ego or push ideas on others. Considering all views, willing to hear new ideas with an open mind, Pious brings balance and creativity to Portland.

His school board work has been exemplary. He’s a grassroots organizer who made inroads with teens, young adults and parents, otherwise disenfranchised, changing the face of what it means to be a valued community member.

This city has a changing fabric that needs attention. It is not because of his color, religion or ethnicity that Pious will make a difference, but because of the person he is: kind, thoughtful, introspective, smart, insightful and committed.

Please support Pious Ali for Portland City Council.

Rosemarie De Angelis
Former mayor, South Portland

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