Pious Ali Announces Campaign for At Large City Council (2/11/16)

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February 11, 2016

Pious Ali Announces Campaign for At Large City Council

Portland, Maine — Pious Ali, currently an elected at large Portland School Board member, announced his candidacy for an at large seat on Portland City Council.

“As an elected councilor, I will advocate for deepening the engagement of all stakeholders. By working with my colleagues to strengthen the successful practices already in place, I will develop a more engaging process between city officials and residents,” Ali said.

Ali came to Portland 14 years ago and has been a tireless community leader ever since. He is running to help everyone enjoy the same opportunities he has been given.

“I promise to remain accessible to my constituents and listen thoughtfully to all ideas on how to continue to make Portland a great city,” he continued.

If elected, he said he will work to rebuild Portland’s aging neighborhood schools. His campaign will also focus on increasing participation in city government, raising wages, and addressing the severe shortage of affordable housing.

District 39 State Representative Diane Russell said, “I’ve seen Pious work with organizations and stakeholders from all different backgrounds. He is a leader and true advocate for Maine’s youth.”

Fellow School Board member John Eder added, “Pious’s success as a community leader has been his ability to create dialogue and engage with diverse community members. People across the city know him and trust him.”

Portland resident Adam Burk said, “Without reservation and with great joy, I support Pious Ali for Portland City Council. I have known Pious for ten years, and his selfless dedication to make Portland great for all people is unwavering, as is his willingness to thoughtfully listen. I can think of no better person to deliberate the many challenges and opportunities ahead, as I know Pious to be well grounded and a careful critical thinker. Moreover, I know that care for the people of Portland will always be in his heart.”

#PortlandParticipates member Lisa Whited said, “Pious will be a tremendous asset to our city in the role of city councilor. He has an ability to bring people together from disparate groups, find common ground and then move things forward for the betterment of everyone in the community.”

You can learn more about Pious Ali and his campaign by visiting www.piousforcouncil.com.


  • Pious Ali, 207-807-4283
  • Steven Biel (treasurer), 202-669-9162
  • Charity West, 207-400-4713


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